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When’s the last time you got on the highway heading south and ended up something in the north? Hopefully…Never! If that has ever happened to you, it may have been because you may have had a guest spot on Star Trek. But under normal circumstances, when we are in our cars driving in one direction that direction has an ultimate destination set into it. Along the way, you may see different things along the way like new constructions, accidents or different people when you get off the road for gas or to grab a bite to eat, but as long as you get back on the road heading in the same direction you will eventually reach it.
When I was growing up in Philadelphia, we would always take a summer road trip to either my mother’s home town of Sandy Bottom, GA or my dad’s home town of Greensville, TN. Both of which were small little towns that it took no less than 10 hours to get to in the car. And 20 minutes after getting there, my cousins and I are bored because there’s nothing to do. We would often leave in the middle of the night, and my brother and I would fall asleep in the back of the car on a busy 4 lane highway and wake up hours later to a quiet 2 lane road. As we traveled long enough in one direction, that path would eventually change our environment and surroundings as long as we stayed on it long enough.
The same types of directions are part of how we conduct our lives. If we are doing things to benefit others, to help others or at least to not being a burden on others than we will reach eventually reach a destination that is in line with that way of life or that direction. However, if the road of life we travel is only about ourselves and what people can do for us, we will reach a destination that agrees with that particular path. Please understand, I cannot and wouldn’t try to tell you about the road you are traveling on because I have no idea what kind of road it is and the results of the path for each of our lives will ultimately be different. What I am saying is to please pay attention to your path and be mindful of it so that once the ultimate destination is reached you are not surprised by it or upset.
What type of path are you on with the life you lead and the way you treat people? If you consider the love you show or do not show and the care you give you do or do not give others, where will it ultimately leave you? Keep in mind that we are never alone and every action and motive affects someone around us. What type of affect are you having on others and do you “Know Your Direction”? If you don’t like where it’s heading, please “repent” or turn around and change your direction.
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