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So I was in line at Best Buy getting my laptop looked at by the geeks squad and a very nice lady walked up to get help in reference to her 2 brand new iPads that she had. Having 2 iPads wasn’t as impressive as having had purchased them months prior and not have opened them yet. One of them was for her husband and the other for her 4 year old daughter.
And Yes! I said it…4 years old.
But wait…it gets better! 🙂 not only was she getting her 4 year old the iPad but her 4 year old was expecting it and ALL of her 4 year old friends were getting one already for sure without a doubt! Ok I know you wondering…how do you know all this Eric. Well…after I heard that it was for a 4 year old and I haven’t gotten myself one yet, I think I may have wanted her to adopt me so I politely eased my way into the conversation! Shameful you say? Whatever! Mind ya business!
Anyway, I made it a point to ask so “all” her friends are getting one. She said oh yes and my daughter has her list all ready to give to Santa next week when we go see him! Ha! Impressive to say the least.
I don’t remember holding the car keys before 10 and that was a big deal to me just knowing I had in my hands the “things” that would start the car. It’s sometimes amazing to me how far technology has grown and expanding out horizons as a culture. our kids have so much more available to them to use to help them learn, grow and experience the world.
However, just as things have expanding to broaden the horizons of our children, it’s also vital that we expand our protection of them as well in line with the new horizons that are available to our kids.
Years ago, as long as you were careful with the people in your immediate house, your kids school and extra activities you were pretty well versed in the inputs that your kids were getting. But now a days, the inputs have increased so much that your child can be connected to the Internet talking to someone you don’t know sitting behind you in the car.
Please keep in mind that as we expand the ways we empower of kids to reach the world so are we also expanding the ways we empower the world to reach our kids. I’m not a parent yet, but hopefully when that time comes I will make it clear to my children that I’m for them using every source available to them for their growth and benefit. However I will also make it clear that every available source won’t be available to them until I know, they know, how to use it safety.
I employ every parent to consider the technology that our kids are growing up to love and make sure it’s always being used for their benefit and not their hurt. As a parent it’s your job to guard and protect, not to necessarily be their fiend. They will appreciate it when they are old enough to know the different.
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