Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash
We will always run into situations and circumstances where we don’t agree with someone for some reason. Children often disagree with parents; Husbands often disagree with their wives and wives often disagree with their husbands. The point is not whether or not we see eye to eye on everything, the main point is whether or not we maintain honor for that person in the middle of the disagreement.
When you honor someone, what you are saying is I place weight and value upon you and in turn, I place value upon what you say and your viewpoints. This honor, once displays will always keep the doors of communication open for discussion which can lead to resolution. But oftentimes, emotions get in the way and cause disagreements which closed the door to communication so that there is no resolution.
In our country, the office of the President is the highest office of honor. This position means that we first respect the person that holds the office under all circumstances and the honor will lead to open doors of dialog so that both sides can be heard.
Honor is a display of love. Once I person feels honor and in turn the underlying love, they are more open to hear your viewpoints and suggestions.
Always show your spouse, parent, teacher, boss, leader and government official honor 1st. Once you do that the door of communication will remain open and agreement can then be reached.

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