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A well-known author was quoted as saying that “The average person has 60,000 thoughts per day and of these more than 80% are negative”.
As children we automatically learn to say “no” and to think of ourselves. As we grow, some of us have primary first thoughts of people not acting right; things being bad every where; or of expectations of fear or worry. With that said, what type of effect are these thoughts having on us and our outlook on life and others? I would venture to say..not that good.
Positive thoughts of love, thoughtfulness and kindness are aspects of our personalities that we must develop or be taught. When you encounter someone who says some sort of kind words, there must kind thoughts in place first. And not just kind thoughts of others but kind thoughts of themselves as well that have been part of their thoughts prior to speaking the kind words.
What kind of impact would it have on our society if you became a person that was not average and decided to think the “best” of others instead of expecting the “worst”? What type of effect would we have if we expected the best from situations instead of the worse? What effect would it have on our own lives and those closest to us if our outlook was positive instead of negative? Here I would venture to say…good in some way.
Please Remember…Be mindful of the thoughts you think, because they will effect your life. Become a person unlike the norm and train your thoughts to think the best. It just may end up…just as you expect.
And that would be a good thing…right? 😃
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