I was out on an early morning walk while a guy was jogging in my direction along a path around a lake. As he approached a bunch of Geese that were sitting on the path he screamed out, “Move you D*#m Birds!”. Considering the fact that he was wearing headphones, he may not have been aware of how loud he was which allowed me to hear him from a distance. Surprised that he cursed out bunch of birds, I politely moved off the path to allow him to pass. As he approached, I gave him a polite “Man Nodd” to which he responded with a “Man Nodd” accompanied by his crimped up mean mug face. As we were walking in opposite directions around the lake, we passed each other a couple more times and I noticed his grimace never changed. It actually may have gotten worse with the fact that he was also getting more and more tired from his run. From that experience comes this post.
It was early in the morning. The sun was rising over the trees; the birds were singing; the temperature was pleasant and made even more pleasant by the breeze coming off the water. So what was making this dude so mad? It couldn’t have been the birds. There were there before we both got there. Actually, they had been there all night most likely. So if anyone needed to be pleasant, it was him because he was running around their beds without permission! With all this running through my mind, I found myself trying to figure out what was wrong with him. If I didn’t feel like the question would have ended up with me getting cussed out, like the birds, I may have asked him myself. 🙂
So it couldn’t have been the park environment that was causing his unpleasant mood. I hope it wasn’t me, especially after giving him the right of way on the path while I walked in the grass. Maybe the sun was too bright, but that’s what the sun does and I was enjoying it personally. So I had to conclude that his own thoughts were causing his expression and 
actions. Everything around him to the naked eye seemed fine, however everything was far from it in actuality. His actions, tone of voice and facial expression made it clear that there was a whole another life he was experiencing in his own mind. How many times do we all experience pain or discomfort not based on actual conditions on the outside, but based on the mental life that we lead on the inside?
The next time you feel unset or frustrated, insecure or sad, take the time to actually count the amount of things in your life that you can be grateful for in comparison with the things that you can complain about. You may see that the world you are creating is more in your mind than in reality. If you come to this conclusion, you may then be able to see what adjustments can be made for the better.
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