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Have you ever seen those people walking through the mall or sitting in the airport wearing shades? It’s like they have their own personal sun that goes indoors with them and they need to keep their shades on to protect their eyes from the extra level of awesome sun brightness that the rest of us normal mortals are not cool or privileged enough to experience. I wish I knew how to extend my level of cool high enough to cause the sun’s rays to following me into hotel lobbies, coffee shops and down into subway stations…one can only dream! 😉
However, this article is not so much to the literal wearing of shades, but more to an expression of what shades can be considered. Shades protect your eyes from the sun but they also hide your eyes from being seen. You’ve probably heard the saying, “The eyes are the gateway to the soul.”, and I personally agree with it. I was in Walmart not long ago, and what appeared to be a very lovely woman was walking around the store with very dark pair of shades on and I honestly felt slighted. Her appearance was appealing, but without seeing her eyes, the package was incomplete for me. I’ve personally been able to grow and mature beyond just what I see as attractive in a woman’s appearance to include essence of what a she is and not just how she looks to see is I can actually develop something lasting with her. Without being able to see her eyes, I felt like I couldn’t see the essence of her personality and whether or not she could have the possibility of being as attractive on the inside, as she appeared to be on the outside. (Ok…that’s enough of my personal soap box…back to the topic! 😯
My point is that wearing shades over your eyes to protect them from the sun is fine, but how many of us wear shades over our hearts and souls to protect them from the people we encounter in our lives as well? Wearing shades indoors gives the appearance that you are special or in need of hiding something for some reason. Now if you are Will Smith, wearing shades might be needed to cover yourself from stray cameras; now that’s understandable. But in our everyday lives do we wear shades over our true personalities and hide who and what we really are from people around us? If a person is not after the right thing, like when a horny ghetto dude approaches an attractive woman with “one thing” on his mind, ok shades might be needed because that joker may not deserve to actually experience her heart. But under normal interactions, are you hiding who you are from others?
For those people that truly want to get to know you in a very sincere and honest way, are shades really needed? What about the people that need to see or hear your true thoughts and feelings on situations so that your personal viewpoints can help them in some way, are the shades needed? What about the world that would benefit from you sharing of the essence that God has given you, are the shades needed? I ask you to consider the fact that if you are hiding the essence of who God has made you to be because of past hurts or some type of disappointment in your life, please consider “Losing The Shades” that cover who you are and allow all of us, in the world, to experience your soul and essence unhindered and covered by the shades!
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