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During holidays, I often find myself getting caught up in the whirlwind of the events that society deems important. In this highly technical society, we want so much to have the latest iPhone or iPad, the nicest car and status in society. Please don’t mis-understand, I do love my Apple products, like nice cars and want to be someone that in a position to help someone else.

But when’s the last time I used my Apple product, and was grateful that I had eyes to see what I was doing on it? Or was grateful that I had the ability to hear the sound from that movie trailer I watched. It may seem like a “little thing” but without eyes or ears, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the product as much. So that would make the little things, “Not So Little”.

During holidays, I’m concerned about what to buy my Mom, but the more important aspect of it is that my Mom is still alive and well to spend time with. Again, not so little of a thing. I’m currently debating on whether I should drive to my family or catch some form of transport so I can spend those few hours working on my laptop. But I’m grateful for the resources to have options on which means of travel I will take, not so little of a thing.

So, what are those things that you sometimes over look in light of other things that you deem as bigger or more important? The true fact of the matter is that it’s those little foundational things are the basis for most of the other things that we often times overlook, but if you really look at them maturely, the little things in life are actually “Not So Little Things”.
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