“If you must slander someone don’t speak it but write it – write it in the sand, near the water’s edge.” ~Napolen Hill
When’s the last time you spoke out of anger and afterwards wished you would not have? We’ve all done it at some point in our lives, but how many of us learn from it? Let’s be honest people are people and people have done dumb stuff; people will do dumb stuff; and people will continue to do dumb stuff. People say, do and act in ways that disappoint us. It’s a fact of life. So the point isn’t the people it’s ourselves and how we adjust to people. What can we do to enhance our own lives despite what people around us do?
One thing I would suggest is to be mindful of your words “at all costs”, especially words of anger. Words said in anger can cut and hurt someone in ways that even if that do forgive you, they may never heal from the damage that the words have caused. Words spoken in anger are spoken from a condition of hurt or disappointment, thus the feeling of anger that we feel. So if you are feeling hurt and you speak from that position of hurt, your words will then be designed to hurt someone else whether you want to actually hurt them or not. The other side of hurtful words is that they normally DO NOT bring resolution but only continue the “Cycle of Hurt”. If you are truly searching for resolution, then your words should be designed towards pursuing resolution. However, words of anger are never designed that way.
So, the next time you find yourself angry or hurt by someone, hold your tongue and complain to God, a close friend that “WON’T SPREAD IT” (very important), spill your gutts on a piece of paper or write it in the sand and let the water wash that fact that you cussed them out from here to next Tuesday away!  😯 It’s been said that one of our greatest leaders of this country, Abraham Lincoln wrote letters in anger and disappointment and addressed them to others, but never actually sent them. The writing it out was probably all the therapeutic help and release that President Lincoln needed and it allowed him to gather his thoughts into what the very best course of action was for all parties involved. If a great man and past president of America felt anger but decided not to give those words of anger to the person that upset him, I would consider this a vital lesson that we all could apply to our lives as well.
Please remember that hurtful words will only make you feel better for a moment, if at all. More importantly, words of anger may cause damage that may ripple through time and your relationships. Become a guardian over your words and take personal responsibility on the effects that they cause others, while at the same time, learn to dispense the effects that others words have on you. It’s the only thing that you can truly control and thereby the only thing that you will truly give an account for.
We honestly think words are important…what do you think? Can you remember a time when your words caused a hurt that you wish you never caused? Please share it. It may be something that someone else would consider and help.
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