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I was out with a friend at Walmart one day shopping. After paying we were walking out and I saw a elderly woman digging through the trash can looking for food. I watched her closely as we walked into the parking lot. As I thought about her I stopped walking and my friend wondered what was wrong. I then asked her to follow me back inside and I went into the McDonalds that was attached to the Walmart and purchased the women a value meal with a drink. After buying the meal, I walked up to the elderly woman and offered it to her.
However, instead of her graciously receiving a meal that she did not have to get out of the trash can, she actually became very offended and cursed me out a bit as if I was offering her something that was gonna hurt or poison her. After a few moments of trying to explain to her that I had just purchased it, and that she didn’t have to pay me back or anything she still refused. Now please understand, this was not the first or last time that I had done something like this, but the first time my sincere desire to help was so unwanted. So to say the least it was kind of a hurtful feeling for me, despite my friends sincere words as she said, “That was nice anyway Eric.” So I eventually just left the meal on the trash can, that the women had been rummaging through, and left not knowing whether or not she or anyone else benefited from it.
What do you do when your good intentions are not received? Despite your best intentions to show love and concern for someone, they may simply throw it back at you. Have there been times when what you did to benefit someone else just didn’t have the outcome you expected? To you I say “Care On Purpose”. Never let the benefit that giving has “for you” be lost “to you” because of someone else’s inability to receive it. Acts 20:35 says, “… ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Why, because the act of giving sets you up for the harvest of many acts of giving to be done back to you. If every act of giving is considered a seed that grows into a harvest, one act of sincere kindness done for someone else will produce many more acts of kindness done for you. So I ask you to “Care On Purpose” for someone, and watch someone “Care On Purpose” for you.
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